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Dragons for Breakfast - Summer workshops

For our next Dragon for Children Day, which will be in September, we hope the children will help us produce the artwork for a book.  This book will explore the stories of Dragons from around the world and explain what happened to them.  As part of the research for the book, throughout June and July we (Jane, Jane, and Joey) will be holding workshops to make models of some of the Dragons we discover. 

At the workshops we will be make several of these beasties using them to create a totem pole of Dragons, which we will then fire at our “Hot Pot” firing weekend in September to be sold at our promise auction at the end of September.  If your child would like to help with this or make one or several Dragons to make their own totem pole, please let me know.

My plan for the workshops is to have an open house from 10am to 5pm with a simple lunch provided where people can come for as much or as little time as they like.  We will concentrate on a different Dragon each time.

The charge will be €20 and €6 for the lunch.



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